What are cookies?

The cookie is a small file, consisting of letters and numbers, which will be stored on the computer, mobile terminal or other equipments of a user from which the website is accessed.

What are cookies used for?

We use cookie technology in statistical reporting on the website www.digitaloltenia.ro. Cookies retain information for the purpose of personalizing the user experience (ie dynamic images on the site), statistical information such as web pages visited, downloads made, the domain name of the Internet provider and the country of origin of the visitors and the addresses of the pages immediately visited before and after entering our page. Information in cookies allows us to track users "clicks" (more specifically, the paths visitors take to reach our page as they move from one page to another). We also use standard web server log files that help us count visitors and evaluate the technical capacity of our page. We use this information to find out how many people visit the site, help us arrange the pages in a way that is attractive to users, have a website that is easy to use in the browser and provide an optimized experience for visitors. We use Google Analytics to help us measure the effectiveness of our advertising and how visitors use the website.

What cookies do we use?

The website www.digitaloltenia.ro uses cookies from third parties, namely Google Analytics, in visitors analysis purposes. There are also cookies placed by Google by embedding maps.

How can cookies be turned off?

It is possible to set the browser so that these cookies are no longer accepted, or the browser can be set to accept cookies from a specific site.